About Us

It all started with a family and courageous young man-Brandon Adame. After Brandon graduated from the Texas School of the Deaf, the decision to participate in marathons was how he and his family decided to stay active. Since 2015, EyeCan has supported blind athletes around the United States.

In 2005, the family was at the gym, and David put Brandon on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Marilynn’s trainer encouraged the family to participate in a half marathon that day. Not concerned that Brandon was blind, the trainer decided to run with Brandon. This initiated the family’s journey to the start line of the Houston Half Marathon.

A blind athlete running in the Houston Marathon was uncommon at this time. Word got around, and the Houston Chronicle came to Memorial Park to do a piece. Then an Adidas sponsor wanted to talk with the family about the opportunity to promote the slogan “Impossible is Nothing.”

Holding on to a shoulder and carrying a cane, Brandon became an icon in the local Houston running scene. Brandon has gone on to compete in numerous half marathons and marathons and was ranked top 2 in the United States in the International Triathlon Union for the last 6 years. Brandon proves that the impossible does not exist. It started with one race and the faith of one person to get Brandon to his first start line; it won’t be his last.