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Blind Athlete Guide

Guiding a blind athlete is key in getting them to the finish line. From training runs up to the race day, guiding will provide a purpose to your daily runs. As a blind athlete guide you will be on call when there is a need.


For big race weekends, blind athletes can come from all over. The logistics can be challenging for them and their families. Homestays allow you to volunteer without having to be an athlete. You can offer a place for the athlete and their families to stay for the event and welcome them into the EyeCan Family.


One of the most challenging barriers for our athletes is transportation. Getting athletes to and from events, training, etc we may take for granted. As athletes set their goals, getting them to the start line is step one.

Weekly Runs

EyeCan meets almost every Saturday at Memorial park for a weekly run. This is your chance to catch up with the group and practice guiding blind athletes that come out.


Donors make Eye Can possible. Donations help athletes get to their start line by supporting their transportation, homestays, race nutrition, equipment, day of event cost and so much more.


Every year we partner with local businesses to provide opportunities for our athletes from disability-friendly trips, shoe fittings, recovery, and nutrition support.

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